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Patrick Wagner
35x30cm, lithograph + hand colouring
Edition of 5 (+ 1AP 1BAT)
Collaborating printer: Emily Diehl (diehler)

For your viewing pleasure: 6 of the 7 “HOW TO LIVE 1/2” prints, printed in Pennsylvania, hand-coloured here in Stockholm. Stone size & shape = paper size & shape, really beautiful objects.
One copy of the entire HTL suite is currently on its way to Vienna to participate in Christian Bazant-Hegemark’s “The Unwritten: Highlights in Emerging Painting”. Learn more about the exhibition over at beyondmimesis.

Looks familiar?
A journey down the BHP archives:

- the stones pre-drawing and with completed drawings on them.
- yours truly sitting outside the shop in Pipersville and working on the 1/2 stone
- processing of the stones
- oceans of gum arabic poetry
- etching the 2/2 stone on Petrichor’s beautiful unpainted Charles Brand press
- etching maps (!!) hands down, did you ever draw an etching map for a stone? I didn’t.
- paper torn to size of stones, pre printing <3
- all three prints before hand colouring

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Pockets are a must, for storing your necessaries. Knife, money, tobacco, frogs, string, marbles, bullets. Read your Twain for suggested pocket wares.

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